Who let the dogs out? Do you know who? Who?
  • Bradley Maule
  • Who let the dogs out? Do you know who? Who?

Looking for some fine (maybe disgusting) entertainment for your Sunday afternoon? Why not go watch a bunch of hangry hot-dog gobblers try to best each other in a bid for wiener dominance! Bring your dachshund (protect him with your life) to Zach's Shack this Sunday for their ninth annual hot-dog eating contest. Seeing as it is the exact same time as the Hawthorne Street Fair and the Southeast Portland Sunday Parkways, you might want to walk your hot-dog-lovin' ass down there. The rules are simple: Contestants have 10 minutes to eat all the dogs and buns they can shove in their primary face hole. No puking! Last year's winner puked after the bell and had the coveted championship belt ripped from his casing-soaked hands and handed to Zane, who kept down his 14 dogs. There's a fine write-up and photo essay of the 2011 battle by Bradley Maule over on the Zack site (not for the faint of stomach).

Zack's Shack, 4611 SE Hawthorne, Sun Aug 26, 4 pm, $5 signup (free to watch)