Hecklevision's TONIGHT, which means, okay, cool. Hecklevision: Batman & Robin! Weird. The fact this is actually happening is either amazing or terrible. Or both! I can't wait.

I'm also giving away one last pair of tickets for the show. Here's how it works: Email me no later than 1 pm today and make sure the subject line of your email is "UMA." I'll pick the winner at random* and email 'em back around 1 to let 'em know they're on the list with a plus one. Have at!

See you guys tonight! Advance tickets are here, for those of you who won't win this afternoon. And get there early—last time we sold out. And, most importantly, keep the words of director Joel Schumacher close to your heart. Always close to your heart.

*The winner will be whoever's email I like best. Yesterday it was a dude who wrote in with a picture of his cat. He said the cat's name was "Pawson Ivy." Hooray!