Instrumental rock trio Lord has a new, three-song EP that they released today. Here is what they said about it:
August 24 is celebrated by some as International Strange Music day. In observance, this morning we are releasing a new 3 song EP called, "II." It isn't too strange, but we hope you like it.
Correct: II isn't too strange, other than it's very ear-catching, with tumbling instrumental interplay in the lightly mathy, sorta-post-rock that's maybe a little reminiscent of vintage Crimson. The Portland/Eugene trio of guitarist Josh Vincent, bassist Jonathon Kitchens, and bassist Paul Farning have made something well worth a Friday listen. Thanks, Lord, and Happy International Strange Music Day!

Listen below, or get it for free from Lord's site.

Lord have a house show coming up at the beginning of next month, which we won't publicize here, but you can find out when and where by clicking on some of the posted links.