• Husky

Crystal BallroomHusky, Quiet Life, 9 pm, $0.94, all ages
Alberta Rose Theatre–Neil Diamond's Hot August Night 40th Anniversary: Tony Starlight, 8 pm, $20-25
Doug Fir–The Night Beats, 9 pm, $10
Eagles Lodge–Shout!: DJ Drew Groove, Katrina Martiani, DJ Action Slacks, 9 pm
East End–Youthbitch, Boom, The Urges, 9 pm
Groove Suite–Time Wharp, M. Constant, Rap Class, D. Poetica, Gumar, Brown Bear, 10 pm, $5
Holocene–Ecstasy: MikeQ, The Miracles Club, DJ Beyondadoubt, 9 pm, $5
Kelly's Olympian–Ashia & The Bison Rouge, Gallop, Stirling Myles, 9 pm, $5
The Know–Footwork, Magic Johnson, Nucular Aminals, Zotz, Virgin Blood, 8 pm
Mission Theater–Lewi Longmire, Left Coast Roasters, Calico Rose, 8 pm, free
Mississippi Studios–Raymond Byron & The White Freighter, Houndstooth, Al James, 9 pm, free
OMSI–Laser Menomena!, 11 pm, $5
Tonic Lounge–Benefit for Harry Strong: The Lovesores, Wizard Rifle, Land Between the Lakes, The Decliners, Shannon Tower, DJ Hwy 7, Amanda Arnold, 8 pm
Valentine's–Marisa Anderson, 9 pm