Here's a submission from a person who's not bitter. AT ALL.

I have had it with you, Portland women. Everywhere I have been in this country the females are better looking and ten times more friendly and approachable. You all seem to be so caught up in being Queen of the Average Looking that you actually have started to believe you are all that. You are not. Sorry every boy in Asshole, Indiana never gave you a second look. Maybe he would have if you did not dress like you lost your eyesight and maybe put down the beer and pot.

HEY, PAL! I'm from Asshole, Indiana and we LOVE our unapproachable, pot smoking gals! Got a response for this creep? Weigh in for yourself in the comments, or submit your own post that's hopefully a little less bitter, and a little more smart than this dingaling. That's the I, Anonymous Blog: Proud to be from Asshole, Indiana!