From my nosebleed seats high above the RNC floor about an hour ago, I caught a rare bit of unscripted excitement: A floor fight between the Romney delegates and the Paul delegates. It was a chanting battle, starting out with "Ron! Paul!" versus "Rom! Nee!" but spreading into more active chants of "Let! Him! Speak!" and "Please! Sit! Down!" The Paul fans won the battle easily, because they had the enthusiasm, the youthful energy, and hours spent practicing their chanting and yelling skills. If presidents were elected on the basis of volume, President Paul would be replacing President Dean in the White House this November.

It was a minor event, occurring before the proper convention officially began. But it occurred to me as I listened to the Paulites spank the Romney fans with their raucousness, that this could be the last great act of the Paul campaign; if his supporters were to act out at a crucial moment during prime time—during Christie's speech tonight, say, or Ryan's speech tomorrow, or even during the Romney speech on Thursday—they could unravel all the thousands of hours of preparation for one perfect, television-ready commercial. It would add some drama to an event that's been calculated to the point of losing relevance, which would add viewers for the networks. That's the beauty of live television, and it would certainly advertise Ron Paul to a larger audience than he's ever been able to reach before. And that's their goal at this point, isn't it?

UPDATE: And I knew that would be too logical for them. They're taking a fight to the floor for Ron Paul, and half the Maine delegation has reportedly walked off. This is the problem with true believers; they don't see that Paul doesn't have a shot to win the nomination. They actually believe he could still win this thing. As far as I'm concerned, their goals right now should be to make as much mischief as possible. Romney's people have done nothing but disrespect them so far. Now they should disrespect Romney right back.