TanQ is one among the rash of graphic design/philanthropic mash-ups that have grown in popularity over the past five years or so, wherein a monthly design (usually, as is the case here, a tee shirt) is sold to specifically benefit a rotating non-profit. These projects always seem as though they are difficult to retain momentum with (you have to market the shit out of them, especially if your presence is online-only), but TanQ has stuck it out, gearing up for their two-year anniversary and 2nd Annual Charity Party.

On Saturday, Sept 8 (6-11 pm), TanQ will take over the Slate for a red carpet event benefiting the American Red Cross' tsunami relief efforts in Japan. There'll be beer wine, food, live music and DJs, and it's free with a suggested donation—you can take care of that here. There's also a silent auction, raffle prizes, a photo booth, and limited edition tees and posters of their popular Godzilla print:

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As TanQ founder Judy Tan likes to say, "Spread the word. Spread the love."