ROBOT AND FRANK So... do you have any... erotic programming?
  • ROBOT AND FRANK "So... do you have any... erotic programming?"

It's an extraordinarily strong week in Portland for both new releases and revivals, so you should probably go see a goddamn movie already. If I were you, I'd go for Robot and Frank or Lawless, or Do the Right Thing or Rear Window—but hey, don't take my word for it.

LAWLESS I liked this movie because it contains everything a movie needs to be good: John Hillcoat directing a Nick Cave script, Tom Hardy, booze, and violence.

KILLER JOE Jamie S. Rich says William Friedkin's NC-17 flick is "a scuzzball delight fueled by an uncomfortable morality and an unapologetic sense of its own depravity."

ROBOT AND FRANK An elderly ex-con tricks his helper robot into helping him pull off a heist. It is fantastic. Go. Like Safety Not Guaranteed, this is a small picture that deserves a huge audience.

SLEEPWALK WITH ME It might be slightly disappointing when considered alongside its euphoric pre-release buzz, but Mike Birbiglia's film is still worth checking out. Featuring Marc Maron as "Marc Mulheren"!

OSLO, AUGUST 31 Yet another movie about a junkie in Norway.

Meanwhile, in Film Shorts, we've got a rundown of a bunch of other stuff worth your time and money—including a rare 35mm screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and three brand-new 35mm prints at the Hollywood of Rear Window, Do the Right Thing, and The Evil Dead. Movie times are here.