Here are Matt Smith and Karen Gillan singing the theme for Doctor Who. It is, as Topless Robot points out, absolutely terrible. HOWEVER. ALERT:

Starting next Monday, we're gonna start doing weekly Doctor Who posts on Blogtown, with each post corresponding to the previous Saturday's episode. They won't be full-on recaps so much as a spot for everyone who watches Doctor Who (which, if the overflowing crowd at the TARDIS Room's screening of the last weekend's premiere was any indication, are legion) to gather around and talk about that week's episode. Either myself or Bobby Roberts will kick things off with something like, "Here's what was great and/or awful about this week's Doctor Who!" and then everybody else can weigh in with their (probably incorrect) opinons about those things, or other things, or how much better David Tennant was than Matt Smith or whatever (like I said, they'll probably be incorrect). We'll talk about time paradoxes and sonic screwdrivers and Rory's new haircut and the TARDIS and my undying, eternal devotion for Amy Pond which, if last week's episode was any indication, will very likely be facing a very serious challenge with the introduction of this season's new companion, who is rather fetching.

Moving on. So! That is that. I'm telling you now so that you can watch last week's eggs-cellent season premiere if you haven't already*, and then you can watch this Saturday night's episode so we can talk about it on Monday. The episode we're gonna be kicking this thing off with is "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship." Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!

*at which point you'll "get" my stupid "eggs-cellent" joke, insomuch as it can be "gotten," at least, because oh man it is stupid. I can't believe I even typed it out. And now I'm just making it worse oh god