Apparently The Takedown, "America's Most Important Food Competition," (self-titled) is coming to Portland and seeks amateur chefs to go head-to-head with their best hot sauce and ice cream creations.

I'm curious and a little afraid. It just seems like there's ample potential for indigestion and/or food poisoning within the context of the contest. Not that I don't trust an anonymous amateur hot sauce enthusiast to know proper kitchen sanitation, but... well, maybe I don't.

That said, I will probably have to check it out. It's at the Goodfoot on September 30 starting at 2 pm, and the event is open to applications for participation—so if your friends all tell you what badass ice cream and/or hot sauce you make and you actually believe them, go for it. It's free! Bring your friends to vote for "people's choice" and your chance to win sponsored cookware. Tickets are $15 for non-competitors to hang out, try samples of everything, and vote.

Organizer Matt Timms has been doing amateur food competitions for 10 years now, touring the country and promoting his Takedowns of classic American —starting with chili, he's also done bacon, mac & cheese, and cookie versions of the event. The Portland episode will be sponsored by Salt & Straw Ice Cream, Secret Aardvark Trading Co., and Bushwacker Hot Sauce. Here's a peek at a Takedown in Boston:

These things actually look pretty awesome. And I haven't heard of anyone getting food poisoning yet...

The Goodfoot is located at 2845 SE Stark.