Clinton Nails It. Everyone is going crazy with love for Bill Clinton's speech last night at the DNC.

File Under "Just Sayin." Michelle Obama's speech was overall seven grade levels higher in its language and construction that Ann Romney's.

Two Truths and a Lie: The DNC speakers have been stretching the truth here and there, but a startlingly true fact from Clinton's speech is that the country has added WAY, WAY more jobs when there's a Democrat in the White House than a Republican.

Vladimir Putin > Chuck Norris. The Russian president is the most badass human on Earth. His current plan is to fly with a flock of cranes.

New Torture Claims Human Rights Watch interviewed anti-Gaddaffi Libyan detained by the CIA and alleges the agency waterboarded the rebels while they were in custody.

Smoking for Your Health: A new study shows that marijuana may slow cancer growth.

Frack Attack! Farmers are racing frackers for finite water supplies.

Roll Back Those Voting Rights! Several states plan to challenge key part of the anti-discrimination Voting Rights Act.

How Much Do Film Tax Credits Actually Help the Economy? California is considering not renewing subsidies for film companies.

Who Needs a Box of Wine? When you can have a purse of wine!

Other Things We Don't Really Need: A "steakhouse for women."

Pop Your Cherry Garcia: Ben and Jerrys is suing a porn company that made a punny rip-off of their ice cream.