Have you watched the pilot episode of J.J. Abrams' Revolution yet? Yeah, it's kind of a resident of "Mehsville, population none." HOWEVER! It might get better, and even if it doesn't? Look what J.J. Abrams has coming down the pike! From EW:

TV mega-producer J.J. Abrams has sold an action-packed buddy cop show to Fox that’s set in the near future, when all Los Angeles police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids.

ROBOT COP!!! I loooooove robot cops. Because a) they tend not to beat you because... why should they? They're robots! And b) if they need to kill you, they will. BECAUSE THEY'RE ROBOTS.

Naturally, I'm super excited about this show, and will be even more excited if it's called "Robot Boat Cop." Until then, here are quick peeks of two other robot cop shows they you may have forgotten, also courtesy of EW.

Friends' "Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E"

And Dick Wolf's 1992 Mann & Machine