MusicfestNW and TBA aren't the only festivals in town this week. The NW Hip Hop Fest kicks off this evening at Ash Street Saloon, then goes to Kelly's Olympian for Friday night, and returns to Ash Street for Saturday's closing show. Over 40 performers will take the stages, both hiphop and R&B, from Portland and beyond—including Cool Nutz, whose new video "Champagne Toast" just premiered this week. (Watch it above.)

This track comes from Monsieur Nutz's latest album, Portland Ni%#a, which I won't say out loud, but I will point you to this download link which Cool Nutz has provided, where you can download the whole record for free. The whole festival is a benefit for the My Voice Music foundation. The full schedule is posted after the jump, so jump!

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 - Ash Street Saloon (225 SW Ash)
Serge Severe
Theory Hazit
Load B
Chill Crew
mighty misc
Raashan Ahmad (of Crown City Rockers)
Gran Rapids
Diction One

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 - Kelly's Olympian (425 SW Washington)
Speaker Minds
One Movement
Mosley Wotta
Sleep of Oldominion
L Pro
Cloudy October
The Bad Tenants
New Pioneers
Das Leune
Sole Pro
The Sexbots
Andy Stack
Buck Turtle
Woodgrain Weaponry

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 - Ash Street Saloon (225 SW Ash)
Cool Nutz
Big Bang
Kinetic Emcees
Risky Star
Brown Caesar
J Ritz & Saywords
Rose Bent
Beautiful Eulogy
Half man Half
Luci B
Dck Vnngt
Greench Mob