The dudes who made Baraka are back with another piece of hallucinogenic eye candy, Samsara, which opens tomorrow at the Fox Tower:

Jamie S. Rich reviewed it for us, and while he wasn't too impressed ("The guys known for arranging footage of stuff have arranged a bunch more stuff! With a world music soundtrack!"), the one inarguable thing about the movie is that it's a hell of a thing to look at. Even if you mind wanders off to a bunch of other places while you're watching it, your eyes will likely remain pretty entertained.

To promote Samsara, the publicist for the film gave me a couple of things to give away to two lucky Blogtown readers: Each will get a copy of Baraka on Blu-ray, a CD of that aforementioned soundtrack, and a Samsara movie poster. Not a bad package—throw all this stuff together with some ingestible substances of your choosing and one could have an excellent weekend.

Here's how to enter to win: Email me no later than 2 pm today, and make sure the subject line of your email is "Eye candy." At 2 pm, I'll pick two winners at random and email 'em back to let them know they've won. Also: Live in Portland if you're going to enter. Because if you win, you'll have to come pick this stuff up at the Mercury offices. I'm not going to the post office for you. Not for you, not for anybody.

Those are simple directions, but I'm kind of hoping all of you will somehow mess 'em up just so I can keep one of these Blu-rays for myself. Okay? Okay. Have at!