In a more-funny-than-usual bit of political circus, Congressman Earl Blumenauer's office is criticizing Paul Ryan for... wait for it... potentially shutting down Portland's food carts.

During Paul Ryan's fundraiser at the Governor Hotel this coming Monday, it's possible that police and security will shut off surrounding blocks at SW 10th and Alder. Jumping in on Portland's favorite businesses, Blumenauer's office sent out a press release today calling for Portlanders to "cash mob" to SW 10th and Alder carts tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Congressman Earl Blumenauer will visit and eat with downtown Portland food carts at SW Alder and 10th St ahead of a Paul Ryan fundraiser to be held at the Governor Hotel on Monday, September 10th. Blumenauer plans to bring his staff and discuss how the probable closures will affect food cart owners and employees. Blumenauer is also encouraging the public to join him help make up the money they'll lose due to the expected closures.

I asked Earl to tell me his favorite food cart and he left me this cautious voicemail:

Asking a Portland politician to go out on a limb to pick my favorite food cart? You've got to be kidding. Usually it's the food cart I'm in front of that's my favorite. But if you forced me at gunpoint to just name one, I would just say Nong's, because they're the ones most likely to get hammered when Paul Ryan comes to town.

In other news, I'm not sure which politician has been cash mobbing Big Ass Sandwiches every day of the summer, but it appears to be working well.