Surely you recall the furor in 2011 with which the first season of the Pendleton Portland Collection was greeted, kicking off a great many debates centered around the use of traditional Native American jacquards in clothing largely consumed by upwardly mobile white hipsters. (If you didn't catch it the first time, this article is an excellent summation of the issue.) The Portland Collection launched well after Navajo designs had already been incorporated onto everything from cigarette cases to thong underwear in stores like Urban Outfitters, but its prominence and price point made it the ultimate example. A year later, and the second collection is just beginning to arrive at stores like Frances May, which featured it at last night's Fashion's Night Out festivities, Shop Adorn, Tilde, and Blake, which proudly announced in an email newsletter that they "will have the LARGEST selection of the collection in the entire UNITED STATES (maybe the world)."

It's understandable that these stores are excited; last year's styles flew off the racks at an alarming speed. But with less controversy on the second go around (and a step back from Native American references), this year the designs will need even more to speak for themselves. Click over for a closer look.