A cute food cart opened up last week on 2nd and Stark, so I skippity-bopped down the street to give it a try during lunch today. It's called Kula Kart (formerly on SE Division) and specializes in Filipino cuisine—which admittedly I don't know much about, but since I love anything with the word PORK involved, I knew enough to high-tail it over there. But first? The trailer! Check it out, it's sweet.


It's a 1957 Dalton which the owner picked up on the road to Seaside for $500. It was trashed, but he did a nice job of sandblasting, gutting, and bringing it back from the dead. Back to the food. Filipino food is heavy on stewed meats and Asian influence, and Kula Kart offers some very flavorful offerings. Upon the chef's recommendation I went with the Pork Adobo Plate ($7, also comes with chicken), which included an eggroll style vegetarian Lumpia, a sweetly brined cucumber salad, and earthy tender pork in adobo sauce on a bed of rice.


I liked it! I love slow cooked meat anyway, and the sauce was dark, rich, and had just a skootch of sourness (vinegar I'm betting) to make it interesting. I'm going to try it sandwich style next time ($6), and the owner also suggests the Pork or Chicken Sinigang (also comes in Vegetarian) with stewed vegetables. For those a bit burnt out on the endless array of middling Thai and Mexican carts around town, you might want to give Kula Kart a try!

2nd & Stark, across from Mother's, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free menu, everything under $10