So this afternoon, Paul Ryan gave a fundraiser speech at the Governor Hotel downtown. You may remember the upset about food carts having to close when Mitt Romney came to town last June. That wasn't the case this time around. Regardless, Romney/Ryan opponents, namely Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon and NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, came to voice their dissent.

Because I'm the Mercury's newest news intern (hi, everybody!), naturally they sent me. Here's what I saw!

Oh, the irony. Upon my arrival, I noticed a few Romney/Ryan supporters who actually showed up. Front and center.


And here we have Pillamina, a costume that follows Romney and Ryan across the country, worn in this picture by Portland resident Ann Branson. We saw Pillamina last June when Romney came to town. Pillamina has been all over the place since her creation in 2010, including in Birth Control Girl, Pillamina Returns, and lastly, Pillamina goes Bollywood!


Then, finally, immediately after my acquaintance with Pillamina, I was pointed to a T-shirt showing a cross-section of the female reproductive system, worn by Portland resident Julie Collura. In case anyone inside the hotel for the speech was curious.