Good Morning, September 11th. In honor of today, the election campaigns are taking a break. But the people bickering over the budget of the 9/11 memorial museum may never rest.

How Has 9/11 Changed the Law?Mother Jones has a handy list.

Chicago on Strike! The Chicago teachers' union is in the second day of a massive strike.

Who Will Be China's New President? Is it this guy? Also, will he continue the Chinese trend of accusing Japan of stealing islands?

Speaking of Which: Occupy Hong Kong!! Their encampment lasted almost a year.

The "Best" Colleges in the World Are Still in America. MIT, Harvard, Yale, and a bunch of British universities top the list.

Southern Whites Not Hot on Romney: A bunch of reliable Republican voters in the South don't trust Mitt's money nor his Mormonism.

Preachin' the Good Word! Of preventative healthcare and minimal exercise in the Heartland.

Whoa Daddy! The website hosting service GoDaddy is massively hacked by someone from Anonymous.

Where is Cycle Oregon Now? The cross-the-state bike ride is heading through marshland.

Eve's Cartoon Nipples are too Lewd for Facebook. The New Yorker's Facebook page is suspended for "violating community standards of nudity and sex because it posted this cartoon: