Back in April when we polled you on Google's "Project Glass"—which emerged as Google Glass, a hands-free alternative to smart phones—only 13.61% of you answered "I want those glasses so fucking hard right now." 21.09% of you said you'd try 'em, and 42.18% thought smart phones were quite enough in the personal technology department thankyouverymuch.

Now, Google is planning to roll out the first pairs of its Glass/es early next year, which should allow you to text/navigate/wiki/etc. while you still get run over because you're not paying attention when crossing the street keep your hands free to push walk buttons and make it safely and alertly to your destination. Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg just showed her Spring 2013 collection in collaboration with the new wearable gadget at New York Fashion Week, so we're taking the subject up again over on MOD and putting it to another vote. Click over to weigh in.