Hey burlesque fans! The Lovecraft will be hosting Burleynomicon's one year anniversary show tonight (September 11). That's our resident horror-themed bar hosting a Critical Hit Burlesque show... with a promised "dark but humorous twist." This sounds intriguing—especially for those who like to celebrate Halloween a bit on the early side.

The show starts at 9:30 pm (doors at 9) and will cost you $10 a head. Expect performances from Charlotte Treuse, Baby Le'Strange, Holly Dai, Niira Nonymous, Satira Sin (a New York sensation here for the show) and a "super secret special surprise guest performance!" which I can only tell you for sure is not me. If you haven't been treated to one of Portland's burlesque experiences yet, drop your plans tonight and come watch people drop their pants in the most clever and classy ways. It should be goth-tastic and a generally grand old time. See ya there, Blogtown!

  • Critical Hit Burlesque

The Lovecraft is located at 421 SE Grand Ave.