Michael Lewis on NPR this morning:

"His favorite place turns out to be the Truman Balcony. And we go out on the Truman Balcony. He explains to me how he will just come out here at night and sit, and he likes it so much because it's the only place he gets where he feels outside the bubble. And this was one of the spine-tingling moments I had with him. Because while we're talking about how this is the normal place, how he and Michelle can come out and have a drink on the patio at midnight, and no one knows they're there kind of thing, he turns around and he points to the spot—it's right behind his head—where the bullet from the high-powered rifle hit a year ago... [A gunman] shot down from across the South Lawn, and the bullet hit the window right where Obama sits when he's having his moment of privacy and peace. And I thought, there's the presidency for you. You know, here is the place where you regard as the safe place, the place you can come and be comfortable and be normal, and people are still shooting at you."

Lewis went on to say that he was surprised that the Secret Service allowed Obama to go out on the Truman Balcony at all. Me too. And they're certainly not going to let him go out on it anymore, Michael, not now that every crazy motherfucker with a gun in the country knows about it.