I was watching the video to Victoria Justice's Disney-style pop hit "Best Friend's Brother (BFB)" last night because, well, SHUT UP! STOP ASKING SUCH PERSONAL QUESTIONS!

Here, can you spot the most offensive thing in this video?

Victoria Justice is a beautiful if somewhat-30-something-looking 19-year-old. She's rich and famous and confident and a rock star. But in the video, she's pretending to be an awkward teenager having her first crush. That's infuriating. I think actually-awkward high schoolers everywhere should rise up and fight back against this kind of nonsense the only way they can: by leaving negative comments on Youtube.

But one video doesn't make a trend, so let me present two other examples: Carly Rae Jepson (who is a beautiful if somewhat Canadian-looking woman) does it in "Call Me Maybe." Katie Perry (who is a beautiful woman... except when she's covered in cotton candy like the ground at the state fair) does the same thing in "Last Friday Night."

Perhaps more disturbing is that ALL THREE of these videos feature scenes where the awkward teenage girl jumps onto the hood of a car (or coffee table) and sings like a rock star in front of the attractive boy. And that works! That would be so weird you'd run screaming from that girl! Attractive men should rise up and fight back against this nonsense the only way they can: by continuing to run the world and never have anything bad happen to them.