All Hell is Breaking Loose in Libya, where an angry mob killed the US ambassador yesterday, and Yemen, where hundreds of people rushed the gates of the American embassy. What are they protesting? A virulent anti-Muslim film that was made in America.

And a "Desert Adventure" it Was! The cast of the movie that's sparking riots across the Middle East say they were mislead by the filmmaker into thinking the piece was a low-budget drama called "Desert Adventure."

Offsides! Some GOP leaders are criticizing Romney for his gaffe on Libya.

"The Single Biggest Step Any Government Has Taken to Curb Obesity." Or at least to curb consumption of Slurpees: Mayor Bloomberg signs the 16-ounce sugary drinks ban in New York.

Speaking of 530-calorie Beverages: McDonalds will start posting calorie counts in its stores (including for its fatty milkshakes).

Striiiiiike! Chicago teachers' massive strike could be reaching an agreement.

Now THIS is How You Have a Police Chase! Robbers hurl stolen money from their car windows in LA, causing a near-riot as passerby scramble to grab the cash.

iPhone 5: Meh? What do industry experts with money to burn think of the new iPhone?

Second Worst News of the Day: Monica Lewinsky is working on a book.

Worst News of the Day: Glenn Beck is heading back to TV!

News that Would be the Worst if it Wasn't Also Funny: The guy who played Leatherface in Chainsaw Massacre has been arrested for animal cruelty because he owns 25 pomeranians.

Important Announcement: The world has a new monkey, everybody!!

Actually important news:
DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE CIVIL RIGHTS PROBE OF THE PORTLAND POLICE is officially announcing its results at 10:30am today. Check back on the blog for details.