Weinland's upcoming fourth album is shaping up to have some of their best material yet. There's Los Processaur's excellent title track, and there's a rollicking band take of "Bones Cracking In" (a tune which also appeared on the Alialujah Choir's album and might be my favorite song Weinland frontman Adam Shearer has penned to date). And yesterday "Another Dollar Rainy Day" premiered on Consequence of Sound, along with a lengthy interview with Shearer. We'll repost it fhere, like the scavengers we are.


Weinland - "Another Dollar Rainy Day"

Los Processaur—no, the title doesn't really mean anything—is scheduled to come out November 6 as a joint release on the band's own Woodphone label and Portland's Jealous Butcher Records. But! The band is performing not one, but two release shows at Mississippi Studios on Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27. That's Halloween weekend, folks. Dress to impress. I recommend dressing up as a "Los Processaur." Since no one really knows what that is (a Spanish, word-processing dinosaur?), no one will be able to make fun of your costume.