Always uncensored TriMet bus driver Dan Christensen has a ridiculous story up on his blog about a night on a bus bound for Clackamas Town Center. It involves a drunk guy, some youths, and a "your mom" joke and is a good view into just a piece of the shit that TriMet drivers have to negotiate on a daily basis. The post starts off rather rambly, so scroll down to the "TriMet Disclosure" section.

Here's a snippet:

What follows is not Trimet policy but a story of how I solved one of these bouts of racial stupidity. It may not have been the Trimet way; it may not have been the smartest way; but it did work. I made my goal: everyone got where they were going without trouble.

“What are you looking at?”

That phrase is a warning sign that trouble is on the way. It’s like passing a road sign that says:

“What are you looking at?” Exit 2 miles
“Yelling Match” 5 miles
“Racial Slur” 7 Miles
“Fist Fight” 10 Miles

Over the years, you learn is that once people take that exit you have to work doubly hard to get back on to “Normal Highway.” So it’s best to never let things veer off that way.

h/t to Portland Afoot!