Claiming to be our nation's first non-profit brewpub, The Oregon Public House is in the final stages of completion and invites you to visit this evening, enjoy free food and drinks, learn a little about the concept, and hopefully give them money. Open for business soon on NE Dekum, this new watering hole will boast a full food and craft beer menu as well as the historic Village Ballroom just upstairs—and promises to send 100% of profits to supported charities, (including Habitat for Humanity, The Mentoring Project, My Voice Music, Compassion First, and Black United Fund). Certainly a novel business plan, and I see a few potential problems: for one, they offer you a choice of which cause to support with the purchase of your drink, which just sounds like an accounting nightmare... but I'm not complaining about the chance to give back to the community for the price of a beer. And I still get to drink the beer! It's a win-win as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, Blogtown, if you're at all curious about these crazy good samaritans, check out their open house tonight at 7 pm. They promise live music, libations, and a good time all around.

Tonight! For a good cause!
  • The Oregon Public House
  • Tonight! For a good cause!

The Oregon Public House is located at 700 NE Dekum.