Wait wait wait wait wait wait WAIT. An I, Anonymous submission that shows an ounce of self-awareness? SOMEBODY MARK TODAY ON THE CALENDAR!

On the surface I'm lovely- smart, witty, pretty good-looking (if I do say so myself), tattooed and just a little bit twee. But get to know me a bit more over the last few years and many have discovered some things a little dark, a little twisty and often related to the over-consumption of mind-altering substances (mostly sweet, sweet booze). After fucking up (royally, stupendously, spectacularly) what had the potential to be a very wonderful time with a very sweet and together guy, I decided to get sober and be a grown-up.

Impressive. And there's more, too! How would YOU feel about making a sober, truthful confession about yourself that can probably help others as well? Try the I, Anonymous Blog: Not just a place to call bicyclists the c-word!