Yesterday I posted an email from Beyonce in which she asked me for $15, and personally invited me to stay in her hotel room this weekend. You know... THE YOUSHZ. However! A couple of astute Blogtown readers saw something else in my email in-box...


That's right... a confirmation from Ebay saying that I had won a "1991 MC Hammer..." SOMETHING. What exactly IS that something? This, my friends, is a case for ENCYCLOPEDIA BLOGTOWN!

In the comments below, please make your most educated, logical, Sherlockian guess as to what MC Hammer thing I purchased off of Ebay. When it arrives, rest assured I will proudly blog the shit out of it, and you will have your answer.

HINT #1: Those who follow me with some regularity know how much I need this.
HINT #2: It has absolutely nothing to do with Justin Bieber or your ill conceived assumptions of pedophilia. (This time.)

Make your guess, Encyclopedia Blogtown... because it's HAMMER TIME!

Seriously, check out Hammer's performance here on Arsenio Hall. He freaking murders it.