Need a baby? Awesome. Just follow the advice of this person, and you'll have your own half-foreign baby in no time!*

I know you told me that you did not want a baby; that you were just a student and were going to go back to your country in a couple of months. We had always used a condom, except that one night that I cajoled you into reaching another level of intimacy with me. I promised you that I would take the morning-after pill, and you believed me, but I was lying to you.

DAMN IT!! Why do I fall for the old "I'll take the morning-after pill" ploy every stinking time?!? OH, WELL. Good thing sperm's free, right? Hey, do you have an unwelcome confession or freakishly angry rant you'd like to share with the world? Why not submit it to the I, Anonymous Blog! (And don't worry... if you regret what you wrote, we'll just delete it in the morning!)

*Results vary... but usually nine months.