Woop woop, the Rose City Rollers are going to WFTDA's West Region Playoffs this weekend! The tournament is down in the dirty old Bay Area, where Portland's pegacorn-loving team plan to open a can of roller derby whup-ass on everyone from the West! If everything goes according to plan, our all-star team the Wheels of Justice will be one of the top-three teams that advance to Championships. And not to be all jinxy (*knocking on wood, plastic, sundry hardcover novels*), but if Portland advances it would be only the second time that Rose City has made it to Championships. Last year in their first-ever appearance at the big show, the hard-working crew got shut down in their first game of the tournament when they faced Kansas City—with a measly 8-point loss. That was one hell of a bummer. Seriously. But seeing as our roller-skating ladies in purple are ranked #1 (OMG) in the West—the toughest region in all of the great wide world of women's flat-track roller derby—it's looking pretty certain they'll be flying their booty shorts to Hotlanta come November 2 to play with the big girls. So calling all fans, the cheering section for Rose City's first game at Playoffs can be found at Buffalo Gap on Friday. See ya there.

Rose City Rollers viewing party, Friday, September 21, 4 pm, all ages
Buffalo Gap, 6835 SW Macadam
Rose City Rollers vs. the winner of the #8 Angel City Derby Girls or #9 Wasatch Roller Derby bout
(If Portland advances, Saturday's viewing party at Buffalo Gap is at 2 pm vs. the winner of the Oly Rollers vs. Rocky Mountain game. Sunday's battle for third is at 4 pm, while the game for first is at 6 pm.)
You can also listen or watch online.