Calling all people who like to watch other people fight each other! Liberal knee-jerker Jon Stewart and conservative toothless bulldog Bill O'Reilly are planning on mixing it up again—though this time you'll have to pay to watch their verbal slapfight. Called "The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium: O'Reilly vs. Stewart 2012," the two will be debating each other in a live-streamed event at George Washington University on Oct 6 at 8 pm ET. And it will only cost you $4.95 to watch it. IS THIS SOMETHING YOU WOULD WANT TO DO? (If so, you can pre-order the debate here, and rest somewhat assured that much of the money is going to "a number of charities.") OR IS THIS SOMETHING YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO? Check out the trailer and let's vote!