Fair and balanced™ FOX News & Commentary host Todd Starnes sat on a panel called "Religious Hostility in America" for a Values Voter Summit in Washington recently (because he's... you know... fair and balanced™), and brought up the unique idea of launching a federal investigation into the long-running cartoon South Park, because... well, let him explain it. From The Clicker:

"We have seen the administration come out and say, 'We condemn anyone who denigrates religious faith.' And they come out in regards to this anti-Muslim film," Starnes said. "Well, that's well and good, but my question is: When has the administration condemned the anti-Christian films that are coming out of Hollywood? Where are the federal investigations into shows like 'South Park,' which has denigrated all faiths? Where is the outrage when people of the Christian faith are subjected to this humiliation that is coming out of Hollywood?"

Umm... I'm not sure why we need a federal investigation to find out if South Park is blasphemous. I think we can all agree that it is. Also, aren't you the same guy who thinks the government interferes too much in our daily lives? Also, also, I'm pretty sure that when you say "anti-Christian films," you actually mean "anything not starring Kirk Cameron."

I could say more about this, but a) I don't want to be the subject of a federal investigation about humiliating dumb people, and b) I'm sleepy. WHERE'S MY OUTRAGE?!?