I took a few days off from work, but the Portland music scene did not! While I was out, at least three stellar new videos from local acts have appeared. I rehash for you now in the form of links and embed codes! Get ready to get caught up:

The first vid is the much anticipated clip from the Corin Tucker Band, for the rocker "Neskowin," from their just-released album Kill My Blues. Directed by Alicia J. Rose, this sees the cast of the Corin Tucker Players in a few different roles—that's Tucker as the mom, and as Poly Styrene, lead singer of X Ray Spex. The other Corin Tucker Players take on supporting roles; my favorite is guitarist Seth Lorinczi's tie-dyed turn. There's more about the video's creation, with insight from Tucker and Rose, over on NPR. (Huh, it's a radio station and a website!)

And here's the ravishing, eerie new video from Tu Fawning, for "Wager" from their monumental (in every sense) album A Monument. Directed by Annikki Heineman, this stark black-and-white clip makes use of strobes, mirror imagery and more to get its point across (not to mention it accompanies a blisteringly good song to begin with). Arty accoutrements notwithstanding, this clip comes the closest I've seen to matching Tu Fawning's phenomenal live show.

And in the wha??? corner, here is the appealingly strange first video from the deservedly acclaimed Pure Bathing Culture. There is a small blue alien thing toted around by vocalist/keyboardist Sarah Versprille, and some glowing hologram sharks (echoes of GNR's "Estranged," perhaps?). Shot in various, unmistakably-Pacific-NW locales by director Sean Pecknold, this isn't one I can readily explain (guitarist Dan Hindman turns blue at one point) but I can't stop watching it.