This Saturday, Sept 22, Back Fence, PDX is hosting a nerd-themed edition of their popular storytelling series, and they've got some awesome, high-profile names lined up. I'm particular excited to see writer/ace birthday party thrower Matt Fraction, who is kind of a Big Deal in the comics world for his work on titles like Invincible Iron Man and Casanova; and the hilarious Lindy West, formerly of The Stranger, currently of Jezebel, whose "The Different Kinds of People That There Are" is one of my favorite things we've ever run in the Mercury.

Also on board (let's let the press release do our thinking for us):

Best Selling Thriller writer CHELSEA CAIN, Former High School Mathlete GABE CARLETON-BARNES, writer for, and co-host of a weekly podcast on channel KIALA KAZEBEE, and math genius/creator of video games, BRUCE OBERG.

Should be an excellent night. If you want to win a pair of tickets, simply email me with "#nerd" in the subject line by 9 am tomorrow morning, and I'll pick one at random. (Make sure to include your full name in your email.) The winner will be notified; the losers will have their emails heartlessly deleted without a second thought.

Tickets to the show are $12-15 and available here, if you'd rather not take your chances.