Earlier this week, local Portland record label/collective Dropping Gems announced their new partnership with Seattle's Fin Records. Dropping Gems has been responsible for some of the best electronic music (both new and catalog releases) to come out of Stumptown in the past few years, not to mention their regular events and shows around town. Fin Records, meanwhile, has been putting out a well curated series of new releases from a wide stylistic range of artists, and they've been putting their catalog out chiefly on vinyl. As a result of this new partnership, Dropping Gems will add vinyl to their arsenal as well, and they'll be expanding their scope beyond the 10 central acts that have made up their roster thus far.

A couple quotes from the press release:

We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Dropping Gems collective. We share the same commitment to cultivating and curating exceptional music in an ethical and courageous manner.—Christian Fulghum, Fin Records

Dropping Gems is thrilled to be partnering with Fin and I am very excited about the opportunities our collaborative efforts will bring to reality. From the beginning my goal has been to expose great music that I believe in to the audience it deserves, and this partnership is going to make that more possible than ever.—Aaron Meola, Dropping Gems

Meola also goes on to mention that a cassette from Devonwho is due out later this year, plus a new EP from Natasha Kmeto, who also has a full-length coming out on vinyl next year. A new vinyl album from Ghost Feet is also on the slate. Devonwho and Kmeto are scheduled to play the Dropping Gems showcase at Seattle's Decibel Festival on Thursday, September 27. Kmeto will also DJ at the Fresh dance party at Holocene on Friday, October 5, as well as performing at the regular PDneXt event, also at Holocene, on Thursday, October 11.