EDDIE This is Eddie the sea otter, chillin like a villain.
  • Oregon Zoo
  • EDDIE This is Eddie the sea otter, chillin' like a villain.

Yes, Otter Friday has been on a hiatus lately because, in the words of my esteemed boss, "Hey, so those otter posts you and Alex keep doing are making all the other posts on Blogtown look like crap, please knock it off for a bit." So we did. HOWEVER. We have some BREAKING OTTER NEWS that must be reported: It's Sea Otter Awareness Week, and the Oregon Zoo's got special sea otter stuff going on all week!

The Oregon Zoo is proud to participate in Sea Otter Awareness Week from Sunday, September 23 through Saturday, September 29, 2012. This week-long event aims to educate the public about the critical role sea otters play in marine ecosystems. Our staff will host keeper talks daily at 11:30 am, paired with enrichment and/or training sessions with the sea otters.

Those sea otters are Eddie and Thelma, and, as you might remember from when Alex and I went and totally got to hang out with them, they are awesome. And the zookeepers who take care of the otters are really smart and nice! So go be aware of sea otters at the Oregon Zoo this week, and tell Eddie and Thelma hi for me and Alex. And if either of them get all up in your grille about why there hasn't been an Otter Friday for a little while just tell them to mellow out already, it'll be back sometime soon, geez.