• Brianna Miller

Here is the first track from the Ocean Floor's new album, Falling Star Castle, which is due out November 20 on Philly's Single Girl Married Girl Records. The Ocean Floor is the project of Portland musician Lane Barrington—you might know him as the former drummer for Hosannas, but the Ocean Floor has been steadily building a catalog of recordings, most recently 2010's Pop Quiz. This new, fifth album showcases a new lineup for the band, a quintet that features Barrington, violinist/violist Shannon Steele (Typhoon), clarinetist/vocalist Holland Andrews (Like a Villain, AU), drummer Patrick Barrett, and upright bassist William Wienert (Boors). The album's opening track, "Big Screen TV," is inventive in every regard, with unconventional instrumentation, halftone-style vocal harmonies, and enough melodic ideas for five songs. It plays like a McCartneyesque suite, telling the story of a wanderer who sees TV flickers through windows and smoke pouring out of chimneys, wishing he could be part of the family inside.

Big Screen TV by theoceanfloor

The newly minted five-piece version of the Ocean Floor plays tomorrow (Wednesday, September 26) at East End, and next week on Tuesday, October 2 at Mississippi Studios, opening for Radiation City.