Star Bar—the proud owners of our favorite Big Star-themed neon sign in town—turns two this Saturday, and although it's not old enough to drink, you are. They've quietly been putting on solid rock shows and DJ nights over the past couple years, but Saturday will be anything but quiet. They've put together a killer bill for this completely free celebration, and you'd have to have your head in the stars to miss it. Pierced Arrows headlines the show, and as Star Bar proprietor Josh Davis points out, "I know the Pierced Arrows play all the time, but never for free and rarely in a space as intimate as Star Bar." He's absolutely right, and this will rip. The Pity Fucks and the Ransom (the latest band from Charlie Nims) round out the live music roster, plus DJ Kelly H (formerly Burning Leather, currently Pierced Arrows and P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.) will spin tunes. This sounds positively rocking, the kind of party that will outright ruin your Sunday. Can't wait.

In honor of that Star Bar neon sign turning two years old, and it still being the merry month of September, here is my favorite Big Star song, and possibly my favorite song in the world. I know it's not from #1 Record—that's the one with the classic neon sign on the cover—but goddamn, it's a good one.