Imagine the Real World, But Filmed by Actual Portland Hippies


hey treehouse folk: you guys owe me my 9 minutes and 33 seconds back.....

and, no -- you can't repay me with your 'art' or 'music' or 'film'.....(that would be the opposite of repayment)

all the same, good luck.
Kiss my ass for 9 minutes and 33 seconds, bitch
Jesus, who could get through three seconds? How could these folks ever think they have ANYTHING to contribute is a tough one to figure out.
@ HatersGonnaHate:

ain't hatin', just hurtin'.
well that was dumb. Give a camera to some trash and they will try and make a show out of it. Also it doesn't look like they have fascinating lives, it looks to me that they're lazy.