A 19-year-old is in jail today after allegedly stabbing a TriMet driver on the 33 bus line to Oregon City last night.

According to the Oregon City police, the suspect, Austin William Vanhagen, was talking on his cell phone on the bus at around 11pm and then began randomly shouting loud racial slurs. The bus driver, who was African American, pulled over the rig and the suspect got off the bus. The driver closed the bus door, but Vanhagen allegedly pried it back open again and stabbed the bus driver in the stomach. Three passengers rushed to his aid, two of whom also sustained stab wounds and one of whom was bitten before they were able to hold down the stabber.

This afternoon, retired driver Al Marguiles posted the audio of a breathless bus driver describing the attack over the TriMet scanner—listen to it to get an insight on how absolutely scary this incident was.

TriMet announced today that the driver, who requested to remain unnamed, underwent surgery this morning. His condition is unknown. Good luck to him and the passengers who rushed to help him.

This all makes our recent round-up of true tales of TriMet terror look like, um, a pretty good time in comparison.