The five folks of Black Prairie—plus auxiliary Prairie dog John Moen on drums—have a new video, for the tune "Nowhere, Massachusetts," which premiered on the American Songwriter site yesterday. It was shot at Chris Funk's studio—and that's Funk on dobro, riffing on Lindsey Buckingham's guitar parts on Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon," apparently. Singer/violinist Annalisa Tornfelt explains the song: "I was at a gas station, trying to squeeze in a private conversation with my boyfriend on the phone before getting back into the van with the band. We were both on tour. I asked him where he was, and he said ‘somewhere in Nowhere, Massachusetts.'"

All those fine residents of Nowhere, Massachusetts—go, fightin' canaries!—will undoubtedly make this stirring song the new anthem of their beloved hometown, and... What's that? It is not an actual place? You mean Black Prairie wrote a song about somewhere that doesn't really exist? Songwriters take note: The towns of Nowhere, Oklahoma and Nothing, Arizona are ready and waiting.