That Debate. UGH. The first presidential debate last night was insufferable. Polls say voters liked Romney better, but I thought it was a lose-lose situation. Here's a roundup of candidates' lies and some of the funniest tweets (though you should really just go read Patton Oswalt's stream).

Oh, and By the Way: PBS isn't firing Big Bird.

Playing Dirty: Syrian rebels are getting people to "defect" to join them by drugging and tricking them.

How Young is Too Young? For a life-in-prison sentence? How about 13?

World Domination: Facebook reaches one billion users a month.

Just Keep Talking: Rep. Todd Akin's new screed is that doctors perform abortions on women who aren't pregnant.

Documenting an Undocumented Life: Young illegal immigrants who've spent their lives trying to avoid contact with the government now have to dig up paperwork proving they've lived here for years to qualify for Obama's new no-deportation program.

Run!! Climate change might force evacuation of entire island nations.

Who Need Architecture? A Frank Lloyd Wright house in Phoenix is facing demolition.

Just to Make You Feel Terrible About Your Life: 26-year-old Lena Dunham is eying a $3.6 million book deal. Good morning!