So before I watched this trailer I was all, "Ugh, no, ughhh. This is just going to make me sad for Bruce Willis and make me want to watch Looper again." And true, I still want to see Looper again. BUT IT MUST BE SAID: This trailer for the fifth(!) Die Hard actually makes it look pretty fun, at least if you look at it in a fine-I-guess-if-we-aren't-ever-going-to-get-a-legitimately-badass-or-even-R-rated-Die Hard-ever-again-we'll-have-to-be-content-with-increasingly-goofy-ones-where-they-insist-on-teaming-McClane-up-with-someone-younger-and-more-annoying kind of way. (In this one, McClane be teaming up with his son! Who I'm hoping will turn out to be Shia LaBeouf, all dolled up in his Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull costume.) So when you think about it in those terms? NOT BAD!

What? Let me be (sort of) optimistic here. John McClane was who I put down as my mentor when I had to fill out my career counseling form in high school.

So. Who wants to go see Looper again?