Here's a new video from Into the Woods starring those lovable scamps, the Memories. Here is the plot (it's complicated, so pay attention): The Memories get stoned and play music in the backyard. The end.

"I Know What to Do" is not merely tender declaration of affection; it's a compelling, investigative look at biology and reproduction from a Darwinian standpoint, as well as a Hobbesian treatise on the equality of all humanity. "When she's taking off my pants I know what to do," sings Erik Gage, proclaiming that love is no elitist activity or learned affectation—that all persons shall know, when the time presents itself, precisely what they need to do with their junk.

A little bit more about the shoot, as described on the ITW site: "The night before, Rikky puked in the Jack in the Box parking lot and then washed his wallet inside his pants at 5 AM. He showed up late and insisted they do no more than two takes per song. It was the first sunny Saturday in Portland for like six months, and we all got day-stoned."

The only problem I have with this video is that they only play one song and it's over in like a minute.