Laughing Horse Books—the radical bookstore that's also one of the only spots in town that hosts all-ages music shows—is in a bad financial situation, and they're hoping to raise money by the deadline of Sunday, October 7 to stay afloat. The store is having a huge storewide sale (details here), and there's also an online fundraising set up (go here to donate), and tomorrow night, they're hosting a benefit show that will hopefully raise enough funds to save the day.

The show's tomorrow, and here's all the info:

Saturday, October 6 | Laughing Horse Books (12 NE 10th)
Fist Fite IX
Duty (ex-Wax Edison)

9 pm, suggested door donation $3—or whatever you can
We mentioned in the paper this week how Portland's once promising all-ages scene has noticeably dimmed in the past couple years, with the loss of spots like the Artistery, Satyricon, and Chaos Cafe. It would be a terrible shame if Laughing Horse went the way of these all-ages venues. That alone is reason enough for them to deserve your support; the nonprofit collective's stock of radical literature also makes it invaluable for the community. Laughing Horse has always operated as an inclusive safe space—shows are all ages and sober, and non-inclusive behavior is not tolerated.

So save Laughing Horse Books! It would, quite simply, suck for Portland to lose another all-ages venue.

*UPDATE: Fist Fite had to cancel, and have been replaced by IX.