Adele has finally assumed her position as Bond chanteuse. It had been foreseen as soon as she arrived in the public eye, and was guaranteed with the unceremonious fall of Amy Winehouse, the only other presumptive heiress to Shirley Bassey's crown. A snippet had been released earlier in the week, prompting all manner of twitter and facebook comedian to respond "Boy, she sure says the name of the movie in her song a lot." But now, the full song has been released and you know what? She sure says the name of the movie in her song a lot.

However, that isn't necessarily a hindrance. It didn't prevent Live and Let Die, or Goldfinger, or You Only Live Twice, or Goldeneye, or For Your Eyes Only from becoming well-loved Bond themes. What might prevent this song from joining the ranks of classic Bond songs? It's kinda boring. It's safe, and kinda hummable, and obviously trying to evoke classic-era Bond - but the song doesn't really pack any sort of punch.

This is where professional Queen impersonators Muse come in.

Muse had made quite a bit of noise earlier in the year, telling whoever would listen that they'd written a perfect song for Skyfall, and when their confused album The 2nd Law came out, they chose to open with it. It's called Supremacy, it's so blatantly trying to be a Bond song that it quotes the main theme about three or four times, and it sounds something like this.

So, now that both are out, the question is this: Should Bond's producers have gone with Muse's more modern take on the Bond song, closer in line with Chris Cornell's at-first-maligned-but-now-respected You Know My Name, or were they right to play it safe with the classic-feeling Adele track? Good thing we have this poll option for you to abuse. Speaking of abuse, feel free to drop your top 3 Bond songs in the comments. However, know this: If you don't pick Nobody Does it Better, Goldfinger, and On Her Majesty's Secret Service, you chose poorly.