Eternal Tapestry have a second full-length album on the way. Thrill Jockey Records will release A World Out of Time on November 13, and we have an advance track for you here. It's the second album of 2012 for E.Tap, who also released Dawn in 2 Dimensions earlier this year. This new one contains shorter, more concise material for the band, who are often known for stretching out to great psychedelic lengths both live and in the studio. The record was constructed as a series of deliberate recordings with a defined order and progression, as opposed to past records, which were culled from many hours of improvisation.

Freak out to an edit of album track "When Gravity Fails":
Eternal Tapestry - When Gravity Fails (edit) by Thrill Jockey Records

Eternal Tapestry play St. Johns beer bar Plew's Brews on Saturday, October 27. They also play East End on Thursday, November 1 on an outstanding bill with Midday Veil, Hot Victory, and Grapefruit. Then, on the eve of A World Out of Time's release, they play Thrill Jockey's 20th anniversary party/show at Mississippi Studios on Friday, November 9 on a stacked bill with labelmates Trans Am, Liturgy, Barn Owl, Golden Retriever, Mike Scheidt, Jason Urick.