Mitt Romney gave a foreign policy speech this morning. It was full of exactly no surprises, although there were a few soundbites that will resonate on TV news outlets all day. Romney tried to mark a difference between himself and President Obama, and he did that mostly by criticizing President Obama's policies. But after criticizing Obama's policies, Romney then snuck in the fact that he'll stand by President Obama's policies. That resulted in awesome sentences like this one, from a Navy Times recap of the speech:

Romney criticized Obama for a “politically timed retreat” from Afghanistan but said he would maintain the same 2014 deadline the president has set for the pullout of U.S. troops and the transition to Afghan security forces.

I think at this point, Romney's just trying to appear competent and complain about the president wherever possible. This was a speech that was written for the soundbite, allowing Romney to have another day of looking competent on the news without the fear of an off-the-cuff moment that could turn into a gaffe. It was a speech that nobody in the world could possibly love.

Well, that's not true. One man did love Romney's speech, and he even tweeted about it: