THE WALKING DEAD Nobody told me The Golden Girls was still on the air! Ka-ZING!
  • THE WALKING DEAD Nobody told me The Golden Girls was back on the air! Ka-ZING!

The Walking Dead might be an awful TV show*, but you, my fellow nerds, still like it**, so this will be of interest: First, this Sunday at 7 pm, the season premiere is gonna be screening at both the Academy (7818 SE Stark) and the Hollywood (4122 NE Sandy), with free admission at both theaters, and with the Hollywood showing it in not one but two auditoriums***. As they've done in the past, Cort and Fatboy are hosting the screenings at the Hollywood; naturally, they'll be readily available to answer any and all questions you have about the show.

(UPDATE! Looks like the Bagdad [3702 SE Hawthorne] and the St. Johns Theater & Pub [8203 N Ivanhoe] are both showing the premiere on Sunday too—the Bagdad at 9, St. Johns at 7, both for free.)

SECOND! Nerdery supply store Things from Another World (2916 NE Broadway)—which sponsors the screenings at the Hollywood—is hosting another Walking Dead event, too. This one is this Saturday, from 7-10 pm, with free beer:

One of the coolest parts is we have 15 pieces of original Walking Dead art from series artist Charlie Adlard**** that will be on display! We're also throwing a Walking Dead costume contest. We've got some excellent prizes from Skybound Entertainment, including a HARDCOVER Walking Dead Compendium that collects the first 48 issues of the series. Plus, we'll have a green screen photo op, free food and beer (for those 21+), and Walking Dead #100 bundles for sale: pick up variants A-H (eight comics) for just $20.

All of that sounds totally fun, which makes me wish I liked the show. Ah, well. If you need me on Saturday or Sunday night, I'll be at home, alone, watching the entirety of Deep Space Nine for the 43rd time. Huh. It occurs to me as I type this sentence that maybe you Walking Dead nerds are doing it right, and maybe I am doing it wrong, but it's too late to turn this ship around now. I have made my decision that The Walking Dead TV show is awful, and I cannot turn back now.

*Disclaimer: I haven't watched it since the start of the second season, so if miraculously got better in the meantime and every single one of the characters magically turned into somebody else, please let me know.

**A lot, apparently.

***Seriously, that many of you still watch this and meanwhile Community can't even—ARRRRGHHHHHH

****For the sake of clarity, I should probably note that Adlard is not the Walking Dead artist who's suing Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman. That's the other one.